Mohor(Shelter Home)

Project Mohor run by Swadhar IDWC is dedicated to providing care and protection to children in Pune’s red-light areas. Over the years, we have expanded our efforts to ensure that they receive a conducive and healthy environment for their overall development. To date, we have helped more than 4500 children through various activities and established two shelter homes in Pune.

Protecting their childhood, safeguarding their future with care…

The children of sex workers in red-light areas of Pune often face extremely difficult situations. They are born into a highly stigmatized and marginalized community, which makes it difficult for them to access basic services and opportunities. As a result, many of these children grow up in poverty with limited access to education, healthcare, and other essential resources.

They are often found wandering in the surrounding areas, exposed and vulnerable to anti-social elements. This unwanted exposure puts them at risk of abuse, exploitation, and violence. The girls face a harsher reality of being pulled into their mother’s profession and face the same challenges of abuse and poverty. They lack a safe, secure environment which can offer them equal opportunities for education, and betterment of life.

Swadhar started working with the children in red-light areas of Pune in the form of a day-shelter run under Project Mohor in the year 1997. Project Mohor aims to protect and care for the vulnerable children of commercial sex workers in red-light areas. It prioritizes their safety, security, emotional, mental, and physical health; and offers various educational activities and programs to help mainstream their education. The project aims to prevent second generation prostitution by securing their rights and dignity, providing a safe environment, and supporting their education and health.

The project focuses on different activities in day-care and shelter homes to achieve its objectives -

Initially the day shelter would run for a few hours of day only providing the children with support for education, and nutrition, in a safe and caring environment. As the scope of the project extended, night and 24*7 shelters were started for the children. These shelter-homes provide care and protection to the children who are facing grim realities of life at a tender age.

Swadhar offers a residential support program for children aged between 6 months to 15 years taking care of day-care and night shelter for them. It’s a licensed shelter home (Balgriha) for girls through the order of the District Child Welfare Committee. We have also received the license to run a Boys’ Home under CWC / JJ act and are working towards establishing the same.

Swadhar also offers care and protection for minor girls who are victims of sexual abuse with case registered under POCSO act. It also offers a shelter to pregnant minor girls who have been sexually assaulted to provide care and protection for them until their delivery and further rehabilitation.

We work with the mothers of these children, providing them nutritional support. We conduct sessions to build rapport and increase their awareness. Over the years, we have observed that these women are focused on their children’s education and taking efforts so that their daughters don’t have to join their profession. Many of them build alternate sources of income so that they can leave this profession partly or fully.

Since 1997, Project Mohor has worked with 4500+ children from red-light areas of Pune offering them a safe and conducive environment protecting their childhood, and opportunities of education and growth.