Asha Community Center

Asha Community Center

Bringing hope and focusing on family and community well being – Asha Community Center is Swadhar’s community initiative supported by Asha for Education, Chicago chapter. Currently operational in a community of Kondhwa-Bibwewadi area of Pune, it has so far reached out to 2000+ community members through different activities.

Connecting and empowering communities: bringing hope of a bright future…

Community centers are essential for underprivileged /urban poor communities. They offer a safe and accessible space for resources and services. They provide access to education, vocational training, healthcare, and counseling, helping community members increase their employability and financial stability. Community centers also foster a sense of community and social connection. The Asha Community Center run by Swadhar in Kakade vasti of Pune is a huge testimonial of the same.

Operational since 2008, the Asha Community Center supported by Asha for Education, Chicago chapter offers different community development and empowerment activities.

Education of children:

Balwadi (Kindergarten) classes focus on preparing the children for formal schooling. The support classes help the school-going children improve their learning levels of language and math, and keep up with school studies. The study center in the community offers them a peaceful, quiet space to study with support from a teacher. The library provides children with access to a diverse range of books that they may not have been able to read otherwise, with the aim of fostering a love of reading and developing reading habits. The e-learning facilities at the center introduce the children to digital ways of learning.

Increasing employability and self-sustenance:

The Asha Community Center offers vocational training to the adolescent girls and young women in the community. Different training courses and support is offered to them to ensure they can work, support themselves, and become confident and self-reliant. 

Empowering the community:

Kakade vasti is home to a community of migrant families originating from nearby regions of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. They keep moving and new families keep coming to the area. The community was devoid of basic facilities when we first started working with them in 2007. They were unaware of the importance of personal hygiene, cleanliness, and education for their children. There were issues of domestic abuse and female feticide to name a few.

Meetings and awareness sessions are conducted by the Asha Community Center on different topics ranging from importance of education to personal hygiene to overall cleanliness. Different events are celebrated with the community to build rapport with them. The Center also organizes health camps for the community.

The Center has established – Asha Mahila Samiti (women’s group), Asha Purush Samiti (men’s group), and Asha Yuva-yuvati Samiti (youth group) to tackle the civic issues in the community. Community participation and advocacy are the ways which will help them get access to basic amenities. These groups identify issues in their area and work on resolving the same. The Center offers support and expert guidance as and when needed.

The Asha Community Center stands as a symbol of hope for the residents of Kakade vasti, providing them with the resources and tools needed to enable and empower them towards a brighter future.