House of Smile

House of Smile

The House of Smile caters to different needs of families from urban poor settlements, right from education to counselling to vocational training, focusing on women and children in the community. Ably supported by Brembo Brakes India Pvt. Ltd, this community intervention has reached out to 15000+ participants from 3 communities since its inception in the year 2017.

A house of smiles for everyone in the family…for every family in the community…

The House of Smile is dedicated to promoting family welfare and happiness by offering a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of family members in the community. The center strives to bring a smile to the faces of families by providing them with the necessary support and resources they need to thrive.

It offers different activities which includes :

Early Childhood care and development:

Happy mothers and happy children – This module focuses on collaborating with expecting mothers, caregivers, and families to engage in activities that promote the overall healthy development of young children. The module places a particular emphasis on early childhood care and development. Balwadi (Kindergarten) classes are run for the children in the community to ensure they are prepared for formal schooling.


Support classes are run for the school-going children in the community to help them cope up with challenges they face in learning language and math. They aim to reduce the dropout rate as peer comparison and lower learning levels can cause children to lose interest in attending school. A study center – Abhyasika is run to offer a peaceful, quiet environment to focus and study. Community library offers everyone in the community books to inculcate reading habits. It also offers school-going children study / reference books useful in their schooling.

Changing times demand newer skills. E-learning activities are offered to children in the community to learn computers and other digital media and tools.

Self-sustenance through vocational training:

We offer vocational and life-skills training to adolescent girls in the community to equip them with the knowledge and abilities required to become self-reliant, aware of their needs and rights, and lead a life of dignity.

Family Counselling and Guidance:

Family counselling center in the community is a solution space which offers counselling services to resolve their various issues including marital, relationships, medical, financial etc. We also conduct awareness sessions in the community to increase their understanding of their rights, different govt. schemes available to them, and essential documentation.

We believe that strong families are the building blocks of strong communities. Our ultimate goal is to create a society where women and every other family member is empowered to make their own life decisions, live with dignity, and be self-reliant. To achieve this goal, we work towards strengthening families by providing them with the support, resources, and tools they need to progress ultimately leading to community development.

The House of Smile is currently operational in three communities in Pune and has reached over 2500 families and 15000+ individuals (family members) through its various activities.