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Family well-being and women empowerment through counseling – that’s the mission of our flagship project, Family Counseling Center. We believe that strong, happy families are the backbone of society. Our program provides support, counseling services, and resources to help women and their families make informed decisions for strengthening their foundation and well-being. Since 1995, we’ve grown to serve almost 5700 families across 9 communities through our network of 4 counseling centers in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad.

Empowering women, healing families, shaping a better society…

The well-being of families is a crucial aspect of societal development and progress. A strong and healthy family provides a firm foundation for its members to grow, learn, and succeed,offering emotional support, security, and a sense of belonging. Women play an important role in the growth and well-being of families, acting as nurturers, caretakers, and emotional support systems for other family members. Their impact on their children’s education and well-being helps shape the future of the next generation.

However, patriarchal values and societal norms often undermine and limit women’s potential, contributions, and roles within the family, leading to gender inequality and imbalanced power dynamics, causing conflict and stress. Breaking free from patriarchal values and promoting gender equality is crucial for fostering healthy, supportive, and fulfilling family environments.

Family counseling and empowering women leads to healthier families and reduced conflicts, positively impacting society as a whole.

Swadhar IDWC’s flagship project “Family Counseling Center ” (FCC) offers various counseling and support services to women and their families helping them be aware, equipped with the right tools, and empowered to achieve their rightful place in family and society.

Our Family Counseling Center is the only counseling center approved by the Central Social Welfare Board in Pune district. It’s the only functioning center having a grant from the Maharashtra State Social Welfare Board in Pune district. We are also the court-appointed organization handling ‘child access’ at Family Court, Pune.

Since the establishment of our first Family Counseling Center in 1995, we have assembled a dedicated team of professionals, including qualified social workers, family counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and lawyers, all committed to supporting women and families. To stay current with the latest trends and societal changes, FCC team makes a concerted effort to continuously improve our skills and knowledge through internal and external training.

The Family Counseling Center aim to enhance overall family well-being by:

Our counseling services cover a wide range of topics including psychological counseling, family counseling, couples counseling, and parent counseling for various issues such as domestic disputes, marital conflicts, extramarital affairs, mental and physical harassment and abuse. We also provide pre- and post-marital counseling and legal support as needed. We have a strong reference network and often guide the persons / families to seek relevant services as needed.

With the changing societal structures and trends, we have observed an increase in marital discord and new concerns such as emotional distress, drug addiction, and screen addiction have emerged. We have seen a growing number of male family members seeking support over the years, which we view as a positive sign of their increased awareness and involvement in family issues. Though we started with the mission of helping women primarily, over the years we expanded the scope and offer services to everyone who approaches us. We also provide counseling services to seniors at Nivara- an old-age home in Pune.

With 4 well-functioning Family Counseling Centers across Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad, we have reached out to almost 5700 families from 9 different communities so far. Our extensive experience in working with families at FCC over the years has provided us with valuable insights into a range of issues that require interventions. As a result, many of the projects we have undertaken can be directly attributed to our work with FCC.

Often, it’s word of mouth that brings the people seeking counseling to our center. Cases are referred to us internally by other Swadhar projects. FCC has now become an important component of many other projects run by us. We also collaborate with other organizations and conduct sessions as per need.

Our Family Counseling Centers continue to educate and support women and families for their well-being as it’s necessary for fostering healthy relationships and a more equitable society.